20+ years creating award-winning audio content across film, music, podcasts & public spaces

We work with clients worldwide via our online collaborative tools – specialising in immersive and surround-sound including Dolby Atmos, Virtual Surround (for podcasts/standard headphones) & bespoke public exhibition configurations

What We Do

Our clients are creative agencies, production houses, record labels,  filmmakers, podcast producers, exhibitors, artists and brands

music, SOUND DESIGN & Voice-overs

We create original content, as well as license existing content, for advertising campaigns, film, television, games, social media and exhibitions

Editing, Mixing & Post-Production

We produce, edit and mix dialogue, foley, music and sound effects across all formats and media

Mastering & Digital Delivery

We are fully surround-capable, enabling us to mix, master and deliver all formats from binaural virtual-surround to Dolby Atmos


We are experts in immersive, interractive & surround audio

The best content is produced when there is a deep understanding of the technologies for delivery and audience experience.
The synergy of art and technology is what Tone Collective is all about.


Geography is no longer a barrier to working with us.
We design interractive collaborating arrangements to suit your specific project and preferred working style.

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